Recently my wife and I made a decision to sell our family home and Downsize

This gave us the opportunity to build something more manageable

Heading towards retirement our home was outdated and just didn’t suit our needs anymore

We now have a modern home that was built to our design for our current lifestyle with everything brand new

  • It reduced our debt
  • Increased our savings
  • Topped up our super

And we don’t have to spend so much time and money maintaining it

Unlike a retirement village, it’s our home to do with what we want and we are not dictated to by management or staff

Adelaide is blessed with affordable suburbs close to the city, beaches and major shopping centres, with smaller blocks available in all suburbs that present such opportunities

The land your home now sits on may also be large enough allowing you can knock down and rebuild, freeing up more land for development, meaning you can stay at your current address without moving if that’s what you prefer

If you are thinking about it why wouldn’t you downsize, it could change your life.

Seacombe Gardens Home