As a Custom Builder, Selah Homes provides a project coordinator dedicated to your home build.The person you start with follows you throughout the entire home building project. Because custom builders like Selah Homes don’t work from standard plans, your new home is customised to suit you. Your needs along with your budget are factored into the building plans. Every aspect of home construction from landscaping, flooring through to window treatments.

Our consultants will help and guide you through the entire home construction process. We’ll be there with you from the design of your new home right down to the selection of each item. Selah Homes has  identified the need for a builder who had the ability to provide a quality product to customers and also provide clients with a no surprise outcome. At Selah Homes we continue to hear horror stories about people in the building industry and their experiences because of the variations and the additional costs. But we find with clients, if we work with them from the start of the project, we get a better result and they have no surprises with their costs.