Why disrupt your life when you don’t have to

You may live in an area you adore, a place that already has everything you want with all the convenient amenities.  Choosing to demolish your existing home means that you won’t have to change your children’s school or say goodbye to a neighbourhood you have come to know and love.

Any kind of major change can be very disruptive to your life and your family routines – but a knockdown rebuild with Selah Homes can keep those disruptions to a minimum.

Apart from the convenience of retaining your address, a knockdown rebuild is often less expensive than selling your existing home, buying another block of land and then being confronted with stamp duty, agent commissions and site fee costs.

Renovations and their pitfalls

Renovations can often seem never-ending, and they can also be a potentially costly money pit.

When the weather is good during the summer period, you may be tempted to commit to renovating your property while still living in it. But just imagine how inconvenient life can become if the job drags on too long, potentially into winter with its mud and rain – you’ve seen it happen to friends and neighbours.

Makeovers and renovations may seem straightforward, but can easily become a nightmare as hidden problems emerge – such as wiring or plumbing issues. These days everything has to be upgraded in line with modern building and council regulations, which can add unforeseen costs to your project.

The unknown elements of a renovation can extend your construction timeline to the point where the budget blows out. But all of these problems can be avoided with a knockdown rebuild.

A knockdown rebuild with Selah Homes can keep you settled in one place and is often less than the cost of renovating.  Because you are demolishing the house rather than renovating, you’ll have improved site access for a quicker build – thus saving money and time.

Upgrade and modernize your home

With a knockdown rebuild, you’ll be able to upgrade and modernize your home at the same time.

Selah Homes clients are often surprised at how simple it was to create a completely contemporary new home, with the latest finishes, fixtures and appliances. With everything so streamlined, you can rest assured that your new home will have better energy efficiency and lower power bills than ever before.

We have a range of eco-friendly products, such as double glazing, Hebel panelling and solar panels – just to mention a few.

And you won’t have to worry about the hidden costs of renovating – instead, you get a structural guarantee that comes with Selah homes.

Last but not least,  your property value will increase if you choose to lease or sell.

Downsizing for work/life balance

Most people now are looking for more flexibility regarding their work/life balance – knockdown rebuild provides the solutions.

Choosing a rebuild with Selah Homes means that you can potentially free up space on your block to build more than one home.  If there’s room to put another dwelling on the same block, you could open up a new income stream for yourself.

With our design and layout team helping you downsize, you can plan an ideal look for your new garden – designed for low maintenance as well as visual appeal.

Imagine the freedom of taking off on an extended holiday, with your income assured while you are away – and without any need to worry about what will happen to the garden.

If you live in a premium suburb where land is scarce, a knockdown rebuild can provide the perfect lifestyle and financial investment for you.

Lower home maintenance costs

When you do a detailed breakdown of costings, it becomes clear that construction costs are lower if you build a new home.  And in the long term, there are usually much lower maintenance costs with a brand new home.

So not only are you saving money, but you are avoiding the potential headache and hassles of renovating an older home.

Rebuild with contemporary house design and free up living space

Older house design and floor plans can leave a lot to be desired. So any renovations can involve a lot of compromise in terms of the existing structure. With a knockdown rebuild, it’s a blank canvas where you can get creative with whichever contemporary design suits the lifestyle you want.

We put the Customer centre and front

Our knockdown rebuild process at Selah puts you, the customer at the centre of the project. We are with you every step of the way, so your experience doesn’t have to be a difficult journey. Our design, administration and construction team are highly experienced in the knockdown rebuild process. We understand the needs you have throughout this journey and aim to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible on the way to realizing your dream home.

We understand the importance of the demolition of your home, and that means we will keep you informed along the way with regular updates, both from our office and Construction team.

Best of all, we have a streamlined administrative process that enables an affordable and innovative building system, so we can provide fixed costs on all of our homes.