How you can go from the worst house in the street to the best house without moving home? It’s called knock down rebuild and if you live in Adelaide it’s a great way for you and your family to enjoy the home of your dreams.

Knocking down and rebuilding is certainly not a new or uncommon phenomenon, in Adelaide or Australia. According to the Housing Industry of Australia, nearly one-third of all new detached homes are the result of a knock down and rebuild.

On the most recent data, from 2019, when there were just over 105,000 detached houses started in Australia, that’s somewhere in the vicinity of 35,000 knock down rebuilds.

Why are knock down rebuilds so popular? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


Knock down rebuild benefits

  • If you love your suburb and your street, why move? If your current home has all the amenities and shops you need, and it’s close to your work or your children’s school, it makes no sense to pack up and leave.
  • A knock down rebuild is a great way to get the brand new home you want, to suit your lifestyle, personal style and the way you want to live.
  • Also considering renovating? A knock down rebuild of your Adelaide home can be more cost-effective and less disruptive than a large renovation.
  • Renovations often only tackle part of your home, leaving the rest of your home looking like a museum piece. A knock down rebuild will get you everything you’ve dreamed about in a home in one hit.
  • New homes are more energy efficient than most older homes. You’ll find your new home more comfortable and less expensive to run than your old home.
  • A knock down rebuild will often cost you less than selling your existing home and buying a new one. That’s because you will avoid hefty stamp duty costs and real estate agent fees.

Adelaide’s knock down rebuild experts

While there are significant benefits in the knock down rebuild process in Adelaide, it’s not a simple task or without risk. That’s why it’s important to choose a home builder that specialises in knock down rebuilds. A knock down rebuild Adelaide home builder you can trust.

In Adelaide, that builder is Selah Homes.

While the process can be difficult and complex, for you, the customer, it needn’t be. Our team is highly experienced in the knock down rebuild process and can help you every step of the way. From the planning and approvals, the demolition, the design of your new home and of course the build itself. In addition, and most importantly, thanks to our streamlined processes and fixed costs, we can get you into your dream home for a lot less than our competitors.

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