Knock down rebuild compared with renovation

You don’t need any further proof of the popularity of the knock down rebuild process in Adelaide than by going for a walk in your neighbourhood. Chances are, there’s a home near you that is partway through the process. If it’s a spot you don’t go past regularly, you may have missed the process entirely, and there’s a new house sitting where an old one once was!

If you’re thinking of following in their footsteps there’s a lot to consider. One of those considerations may be whether to knock down and rebuild your Adelaide home or to renovate. The knock down rebuild v renovation question has been around for quite a while, so let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

Knock down rebuild benefits

As we highlighted in a recent blog, there are a lot of benefits to the knock down and rebuild process in Adelaide. To summarise, these include:

  • If you love where you live, a knock down and rebuild of your Adelaide home makes perfect sense.
  • You’ll end up with an entirely brand new home, with brand new fittings, finishings and appliances.
  • Your new home is likely to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • If major renovations are required to bring your existing home up to the level you want, then a knock down rebuild is likely to be cheaper and take less time.

Renovation benefits

  • Like the knock down rebuild, a renovation will allow you to continue living where you are.
  • If you love character and your existing home has it in spades, preserving this character and heritage can make sense.
  • If the basics of your existing home works for you and you don’t need to renovate every room or make significant changes, a renovation may be cheaper and quicker.
Couple reviewing their new home under construction

Knock down rebuild v renovation in Adelaide

So, which is the best option in Adelaide, the knock down rebuild or the renovation? Of course, the true answer is it depends.

As alluded to in the list of benefits for each option, there is a tipping point where the cost of renovating just doesn’t make financial sense. Like a lot of things in life, budget will play a deciding role in your choice. If you need to make extensive changes to your home it’s generally better to knock down and start again.

Beyond the financial, another key decision is the question of whether you prefer new or old. If you are truly passionate about preserving the heritage value and character of your existing home, and you can afford it, then by all means choose renovation.

Just be aware that you may have a few unpleasant surprises to you (and your wallet) along the way! On the other hand, if you like new and modern,  then clearly knocking down and rebuilding will suit you.

Knock down rebuild in Adelaide with Selah Homes

Once you weigh everything up, if you do decide to go down the knock down rebuild path and you live in the Adelaide area, contact Selah Homes. Not only are we custom home specialists, we’re also knock down rebuild specialists. This means we can guide you through what can be a daunting process for those that haven’t undertaken it before.