There are a few trends that are taking shape in South Australia in the early 2020s. Some of these trends aren’t so welcome, such as social distancing, while others are, such as the trend to knock down and rebuild your Adelaide home.

While knocking down a home and rebuilding certainly doesn’t come without disruptions or stress, for many homeowners it is the best solution.

Couple reviewing their new home under construction

Who does the knock down and rebuild process suit?

People who are looking to build a new home can commonly be placed into two main groups. There are those that want to build and move location, and those that are happy with their location but not their home.

If you fit into this second group, a knock down and rebuild of your Adelaide home is well worth considering.

After all, if your location is meeting all your needs, why move? You may be close to work, your children’s school and friends, have coffee shops, cafes and restaurants nearby, or have all the amenities you are looking for practically in your backyard.

Is a knock down and rebuild expensive and stressful?

One of the things that may put you off the knockdown and rebuild of your Adelaide home is the demolition costs. While it’s definitely a consideration and must be taken into account as part of your total budget, knocking down your existing home may be less expensive than you think.

In fact, when you compare the costs to the stamp duty of selling your existing home and buying a new one, demolition can be a cheaper alternative.

As well as expense, you do need to consider the time and stress of the knockdown. It’s not just a matter of bringing in the machinery to demolish your existing home.

There will be council checks, permits and overlays to consider, service disconnections, site access, hazardous materials, tree and shrub clearing and more. Fortunately, these matters are handled on your behalf by Selah Homes.

But don’t let all this put your off. If you select a company that specialises in the knockdown and rebuild of homes in Adelaide (i.e. Selah Homes) they’ll take care of most of the process for you, reducing the stress and strain of the process.

Should you consider renovating rather than knocking down?

Another option that many people consider instead of knocking down and rebuilding their Adelaide home, is to carry out renovations.

While you should certainly consider it, if you’re looking to downsize, upsize, modernise or upgrade, and the renovations will be major, often undertaking a knock down and rebuild of your Adelaide home is a better option.

Get expert advice

While you’ve most likely never knocked down and rebuilt a home before, for Selah Homes it’s all in a day’s work and a process we’ve been through hundreds of times. So, while it can appear daunting to you it doesn’t need to be.

Selah Homes is known for it’s integrity, strength, innovation and being proudly South Australian owned. What’s more, by streamlining our demolition, design and building processes, as well as administrative procedures, we can offer clients a very competitive service.

Contact Selah Homes today to organise a no-obligation discussion and quote.

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