I have been involved in the building industry for over 30 years and one of the biggest mistakes people make is they don’t build for the future they build for the now.

For generations people lived in their very first home until the day they died.

Now that’s all changed

Often it’s due to circumstances, employment, relationship breakdown, blended families, they have simply outgrown their home and it’s inadequate for those living there. It’s a two-storey built for a family and all the bedrooms are upstairs. The stairs are becoming extremely difficult to navigate

I am sure you get the picture, whatever the circumstances you can “Future Proof” your home

Seacombe Gardens Home

Make sure all your options are covered

Option One: I intend staying in my house for the rest of my life

If you are building a two-storey make sure the master bedroom and ensuite are on the ground floor, too many people make the mistake of putting all the bedrooms on the first floor

A lift is an option to overcome the problem if it’s in your budget, they can be expensive but you can make allowances and plan the space for one in the future

Make sure there is a clear path to the front of the house, no steps and plan for wheelchair access, it sounds little depressing but it doesn’t mean the worst, it’s just good planning, all doors and hallways should be wide enough to take a wheelchair comfortably, this also applies to showers and toilets

Solar Energy is a must, along with all the latest technology, double glazing is a great way of insulating then drought proof your home with water storage and water reticulation

To most people their garden is very important, it’s a place to relax and entertain, make sure it’s also accessible by wheelchair with an automated watering system


Option Two: If the house you build is built with future generations in mind it will be much easier to sell

Think about the choices you make, will they date, will they be up to date, will the next person like them

So many people choose items that date within a very short period of time

The ones to watch out for are, tiles, carpets, splashback and benchtops along with paint colours

Play safe, it will pay off, stick to the neutrals and you can’t go wrong, you can always bring colour in with accessories, they can be changed and updated at any time.

All of these things I have learnt from experience over many years, always seek professional advice when building, do your homework and speak to your builder

It’s up to you, but you can Future Proof your home