Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t have a lot going for it. The only thing one of our AFL football teams won during 2020 was the Wooden Spoon and there was also the not-so-little matter of a virus sweeping the world.

But that was 2020 and this is 2021 and if you’re thinking of building a new home in Adelaide you’ll have an exciting year ahead. But before you sign on the dotted line with any Adelaide home builders, it’s important to make sure you’re making the right decision. After all, if you do get it wrong then 2021 might not be so exciting after all!

Before we look at our top 5 tips for choosing custom home builders in Adelaide, it’s worth pointing out that these tips are for custom home builders. The other common type of builder is a volume builder; a company that can build a high number of homes each year from a set catalogue of designs. Custom builders, like Selah Homes, build homes specifically for each client. Each of our homes are as individual as each of our clients.   

Seacombe Gardens Home

Tips for choosing custom home builders in Adelaide


One of the keys for choosing custom home builders in Adelaide is to know how much you can spend as this will form the basis of many of your major decisions. In particular, it’s important to set a top-end to your budget, otherwise, the financial pressure can soon start wearing off the gloss of your new home.

A good custom home builder will work with you to get the most out of your budget. In some cases, this may mean you’ll need to compromise, but it shouldn’t mean taking shortcuts and not getting your main needs fulfilled.

Know what you want

One of the key reasons for looking for custom home builders in Adelaide is so you can build a home that suits you and your requirements, so make sure you know exactly what you’re requirements are. It’s more than just three bedrooms and two lounge rooms.

Think about the level of finish you want, how large your bedrooms should be, whether you want an ensuite and walk in robe for the main, etc. The more details you can provide the better.

Ask around

Word of mouth can be a great way of choosing your custom home builder. If you know people who have built recently in the Adelaide area, ask them about their experience.

You could also ask any friends who are architects or others in the industry.

Look at current work – and listen

Once you’ve found a few prospective custom home builders in the Adelaide area, ask to look at some of their current work. You can view some of our recent projects on our portfolio pages. Most builders will be happy to walk you through a home in progress or one nearing completion, so you can get a good idea of their quality.

It’s also an excellent idea to talk to some of their previous clients.

Relationships count

Next to your partner and your family, the relationship between you and your home builder is next in importance. Yes, the relationship may only be relatively short, but having a good rapport is vital.

Being able to communicate openly and clearly with your builder will help to determine whether you custom home build is a dream or a nightmare.