What is a Custom Builder?

A Custom Builder will design and build your home to your specific design and budget, they specialise in one-off home builds. These can often be on sloping or unusual shaped blocks, so require a custom building design. The design is done in conjunction with a Building Designer or Architect.

What is a Project Builder?

A Project Builder works with standard house plans. They typically have a limited range of designs, because they build homes in volume. Generally they are largely restricted to these design templates. Consequently  Project Builders generally lack the opportunity to be flexible in their  house designs. Generally Project Builders can only build on flat land and/or rectangular blocks.

What is the difference between a Custom Builder and a Project Builder?

Project Builders are usually quite large organisations who turnover multiple homes.

There is a risk that an individual will get lost in their ‘system’. House plans are standardised, so the home purchaser needs to pay for plan alterations or refinements.

As a Custom Builder, Selah Homes provides a project coordinator dedicated to your home build.The person you start with follows you throughout the entire home building project.

Because custom builders like Selah Homes don’t work from standard plans, your new home is customised to suit you. Your needs along with your budget are factored into the building plans. Every aspect of home construction from landscaping, flooring through to window treatments.

Our consultants will help and guide you through the entire home construction process. We’ll be there with you from the design of your new home right down to the selection of each item.

What is the advantage of building with a Custom Builder?

You get the custom designed home you want, at the price you can afford.

You can optionally make your new home energy efficient across appliances to solar energy. As your home is customised to your requirements, you can build on any block without restrictions, tailoring everything to your needs.

What happens when I build with a custom builder?

A Custom Builder will help with the design, get your plans through council, project manage the  build and make sure everything is done to your specifications.

Which builder type is cheaper?

Project Builders work on volume and turnover. They have large numbers of staff along with show homes, all this creates high expenses.

Custom Builders don’t carry the overheads and without the high numbers of staff along with show

homes they are able to compete very favourably by keeping their prices low.

Does it take longer to build a Custom Home?

Once the initial stages have been completed and plans approved by council there are very few delays. Custom Builders are generally quicker because trades are not being stretched over multiple projects.

Which house will have a better resale price?

A Custom Built Home wins every time. It’s exclusive, a one off design with a better layout and it won’t be seen all over town like a Project Builder’s properties.

What if I am not good at choosing materials?

A Custom Builder has a dedicated team that will help you through the selection process. We will assist you with your selections inside and outside of your home. These include:

  • Paint colours
  • Materials
  • Finishes
  • Tiles
  • Appliances
  • Cabinetry along with
    • Kitchen and
    • Bathroom ware.

We will make sure nothing is missed and that you are satisfied with each item selected for your new home.