If you’re looking to build a new house in Adelaide, you’ll probably get more than one quote. That’s a wise move, because building a new house is likely to be the biggest financial outlay you’ll ever make. But how do you compare the quotes from house builders once they come in? Is it just a matter of choosing the cheapest one?

While we’re sure it won’t come as a shock, the fact is that choosing the cheapest quote when comparing house builders in Adelaide isn’t always the best way. What will perhaps surprise you, however, is that choosing the cheapest quote can actually see you spending more than you bargain for and in some cases a lot more than other quotes you’ve discounted.

Why? Let’s that a closer look at some house builders in Adelaide and how they may operate.

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Not all house builders in Adelaide are transparent

A simple way that some housebuilders will try to win quotes is to submit cheap quotes based on basic standard inclusions. Then, once they win the job and get on with the build, they know that variations you will want to make to get the inclusions you wanted in the first place will make the cost soar. Often by 10 per cent and even more above the quote.

The end result is that you’ll pay a lot more than you could have for your new house. And you’ll probably go well over budget. Sneaky, most certainly. Shocking, we think so. This practice not only adds unnecessary cost but also makes the build process feel like a constant battle rather than the pleasant experience it should be.

How do you compare house builders in Adelaide?

The issue is that comparing quotes from house builders in Adelaide isn’t like, for example, buying a pair of shoes or a bike, where you can fairly easily choose a model you want and then shop around. A new house has so many variables. Even exactly the same house built on different blocks will vary in cost, because of factors such as local council fees and site preparation costs.

If it’s not just about the cost of the quote, how do you compare house builders in Adelaide?

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you know what the standard inclusions are for each quote. This should be clearly listed in the quote. If it’s not, ask the builder to include them or simply discount the quote.
  • Similarly, if there is an inclusion that doesn’t meet your needs, ask the builder to include it and re-quote. Pay particular attention to aspects such as the quality of appliances and fittings.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and expect to get answers. Are all costs included, such as site preparation costs, services, local council fees? Will you pay extra for landscaping? Is painting included?
  • Costs are only part of the story. Quality really counts. While this may be a little harder to determine, ask around, look at current work and talk to customers of the builders you are interested in.
  • A good relationship with your house builder also counts. If a house builder isn’t transparent, friendly and helpful during the quote process, chances are they won’t be during the build.

Professional house builders in Adelaide – like Selah Homes – will ensure the quote they provide you includes everything you need to build your dream home with confidence.

One of our goals is to provide a ‘no surprise’ outcome. So, our quotes are clear, detailed and list all inclusions. In many cases, what other Adelaide house builders call extras, we call standard inclusions.

Talk to us about what you want

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