Knock Down & Rebuild Articles

Why more Adelaide home owners are doing Knockdown and Rebuild

Increasingly, Adelaide home-owners are reconsidering buying new homes, and instead looking at knockdown and rebuilding their home.

Basically, they are modernising their homes to gain advantages like easy maintenance, improved resell value etc. but staying in the same location to enjoy the facilities and neighbourhood friends they already know.

Building two homes on the same block also creates a 2nd home available for children, as a rental or even selling to pay down remaining residential debt.

Knock down and rebuild can transform your ‘ordinary’ suburban home into a beautiful modern residence that is a joy to live in.

Build your dream house in the suburb you already love – Knockdown and rebuild.

New Adelaide home, new design features

When you’re sitting down with new home builders in Adelaide to discuss your dream home, one of the things you’re likely to touch on pretty quickly is design features. Whether it’s clever storage, a butler’s pantry, alfresco living or designer lighting, for most people...

Knock down rebuild with Adelaide’s best

How you can go from the worst house in the street to the best house without moving home? It’s called knock down rebuild and if you live in Adelaide it’s a great way for you and your family to enjoy the home of your dreams. Knocking down and rebuilding is certainly not...

Giving your new Adelaide custom home the environmental tick

When you’re sitting down with custom home builders in Adelaide to talk about your future new home, aspects such as size, number of bedrooms, quality of furnishings and costs are likely to be high on the agenda. One thing you should also consider, however, is the...

Comparing house builders in Adelaide? It’s not all about cost

If you’re looking to build a new house in Adelaide, you’ll probably get more than one quote. That’s a wise move, because building a new house is likely to be the biggest financial outlay you’ll ever make. But how do you compare the quotes from house builders once they...