With so many builders going under why should I trust any of them?

First of all, compared to ten years ago there are so many more builders around than there used to be, they are not all bad.

I am sure they don’t start off thinking one day my business will fold, they are just poor managers or they don’t have the experience. For everyone that doesn’t succeed there are numerous builders who do.

Seacombe Gardens Home

Building Your Home is not like Reality TV

Everyone that watches a reality reno show on TV thinks it’s easy, what they don’t realise is that these shows are staged and managed to make it look easy, what you don’t see is everything that happens behind the scenes

The reality is, the contestants like some builders often don’t know what they are doing so they find themselves in financial trouble

. When a builder goes under there is a flow on effect, not only does the home owner suffer because their build comes to a halt, it then effects so many people, the trades, suppliers and their families as well

For most people their home is the largest and most important investment they will ever make and they don’t want to make a mistake doing it

How to Choose a Builder you can Trust

Ok, enough about the obvious things.

How can I choose a builder I can trust to do the right thing and have the confidence in them I need?

1. Know what you want

2. have a budget

3. Know the type of build and

4. Know where you want to build if you don’t have a block

Sit down with the builder (it won’t cost anything to have a chat) look at the work they have done. Meet the team that will be looking after your build.

Ask to see their builders licence and that of the supervisor. Ask who will project manage the job and look after the finances. Are they qualified?

Do they have builders insurance, if all of these boxes tick you are on the right track

You can then ask about the process, build times and your budget

Make sure everything you want is included.Not like some builders that come in low and exclude things like, garages, carports, alfrescos, driveways and slab costs.  You don’t want surprises at the end of the build.